Deep Link Submission

All of our Online Marketing Services include deep link building.

This means we do not just build links to your homepage; we build links to internal pages as well.  This is effective for the reason that it ensures you appear to have a natural link profile to search engines and it also means you can target more keywords through having higher rankings for all pages on your website.

There’s a lot of talk about deep link building at the moment.

Deep link building is another way of organically growing your website’s visitors. It increases your site’s page link popularity and increases search engine result listing, you may gain additional ‘walk through’ visitors from sites that have deep linked you, better still, it screams to the search engines in a good old fashioned way… THIS IS A GREAT WEBSITE!

Why? Well as far as the search engines are concerned, your site is so superb, so to the point and so relevant on matters of your chosen niche keyword, that other ‘independent’ webmasters have actually taken the time to link back to one of your site’s internal pages.

These webmasters have referred their own website visitors to internal pages on your site, by displaying a deep link back to your page on their own site. Another (presumably) human being has built and nurtured a website, grown it’s traffic and then un-selfishly linked to your website because they ‘genuinely’ believe that the information contained on your site is a useful resource for their visitors.

A webmasters obviously cares about their site; they’ve therefore put their reputation on the line with their site visitors by linking to you. They wouldn’t link back to another site if it wasn’t on topic...

Search engines see link backs as a ’slap on the back’ from another website, reassuring the search engine in question that your site is actually as good as it’s great coding, use of keywords and on topic relevant content apparently appear to make it – in its ‘cyber-spider’ eyes!

You see, search engines and their search engine spiders are only man-made creations. They don’t always get it right, their ‘human masters’ have therefore allowed for this margin of error in the search engine’s result page programming and algorithms.

A ’slap on the back’ (in the form of a deep link back from another site) therefore reassures the search engine’s human masters that their programming is correct. Not only have their search engine’s algorithms highlighted one of your site pages as being on topic and relevant for a specific keyword that you’ve chosen to target, but another website has linked to your page. This independent link back has therefore added greater ‘weight’ to your site’s page rank claim of being relevant on that particular keyword topic.

Your site is ranked well on your chosen keyword topic because of the fact that other websites think you’re great, which has backed up the spider’s initial keyword relevancy opinion of you when it first (and subsequently) crawled your site.

The search engines because of this added ‘third party’ webmaster reassurance get to give potential search engine visitors (what in their minds eye are) ‘relevant’ search engine results. The end game being (in the search engine’s eyes) that in an ideal world, they will give relevant search page results on any keyword phrase searched on by any web visitor.

Search engine’s all have the ultimate goal of being the ‘most relevant’ – most relevant means visitor happiness, means repeat visitors, means visitors telling their friends about how great the search engine is, means new visitors and searches, means visitor happiness, and so the cycle continues. You can’t blame them for wanting to be the most relevant search engine!