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How do I know which ED treatment option is right for me?
Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the medical condition that refers to a man with the inability to achieve a full erection or sustain an erection for a sufficient amount of time. Many men suffer from ED. In fact, the majority of men have suffered or will suffer from ED to some extent at some point in their lives. This staggering notion is the reason why advances in erectile dysfunction treatment / What are the treatment options for ED? From erectile dysfunction treatment pills to minimally invasive procedures, ED specialists in Las Vegas and throughout the world have been effectively providing remediation to minor and severe cases of impotence for / healing growth factors and stem cells and then injected back into the body in the groin to reverse the effects of ED by increasing blood flow to the penis, improving stamina and easing the overall ability to achieve an erection. It has also given patients an increase in size in some cases. Gains Enhancement– Gains Enhancement utilizes the same PRP process of the P-Shot treatment, in addition to the GAINSWave treatment for /

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Knowing about your history of ED will help your health provider learn if your problems are because of your desire for sex, erection function, ejaculation, or orgasm (climax). Some of these questions may seem private or even embarrassing. However, be assured that your doctor is a professional and your honest answers will help find the cause and best treatment / A physical exam checks your total health. Examination focusing on your genitals (penis and testicles) is often done to check for ED. Based on your age and risk factors, the exam may also focus on your heart and blood system: heart, peripheral pulses and blood pressure. Based on your age and family history your doctor may do a rectal exam to check the prostate. These tests are not painful. Most patients do not need a lot of testing before starting treatment / For some men with ED, specialized testing may be needed to guide treatment or re-assess you after a treatment

Treatment depends on the underlying cause. In general, exercise, particularly of the aerobic type, is effective for preventing ED during midlife. Counseling can be used if the underlying cause is psychological, including how to lower stress or anxiety related to sex. Medications by mouth and vacuum erection devices are first-line treatments, / sildenafil is available in the UK without a prescription. Additionally, a cream combining alprostadil with the permeation enhancer DDAIP has been approved in Canada as a first line treatment for ED / The current first-line treatment for ED, the oral PDE5 inhibitor, was introduced by Pfizer in

Preparation and characterization of intravaginal vardenafil suppositories targeting a complementary treatment to boost in vitro
in drug development and regulatory procedures is being increasingly recognized. Therefore, we conducted this systematic review and meta-analysis to estimate the magnitude of treatment benefits and AEs associated with vardenafil treatment in men with ED. Our review identified nine randomized, multicenter, placebo-controlled, parallel-group design trials suitable for / In conclusion, the evidence from this systematic review and meta-analysis indicates that in the broad population of men with ED, vardenafil safely and consistently improved all efficacy parameters of EF, improving erections and satisfaction in men treated for 12 weeks. Additional data, however, are needed to more precisely determine the efficacy and safety of vardenafil treatment / Porst H, Young JM, Schmidt AC, Buvat J . Efficacy and tolerability of vardenafil for treatment of ED in patients subgroups. Urology 200; 362:

What treatments are available for erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition and growing concern for many men as they age. Described as an inability to sustain an erection firm enough for sex, the urologists at Urology Specialist Group in Hialeah and Miami Lakes, Florida, can address erectile dysfunction through a number of treatment methods and / The first step in treating your ED is to receive an evaluation of your condition. Your urologist at the Urology Specialist Group works with you to uncover the underlying cause of your ED so you can get on the right path to treatment. Aside from discussing your symptoms, your urologist can diagnose your condition through a physical exam, blood test, or urinalysis to check for / If other methods of ED treatment prove ineffective, penile implants are an effective way to restore sexual functions. Penile implants are surgical inserts that allow you to manually inflate your penis to achieve an erection. They are safe, easy to operate, and require minimal /

When Should You See a Doctor About ED?
ED is a complex condition that can be caused by a variety of factors. Often, there’s not just one issue that’s responsible for / Your doctor might discover a more serious issue that needs to be addressed. Diagnosis and treatment of an underlying medical condition could help improve your symptoms of ED. Learn More About Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis Learn More About Erectile Dysfunction / A variety of treatment options are available for men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile

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Zoloft and ED ED treatment Other causes Takeaway / amount of the neurotransmitter serotonin that is available in your brain. While increased serotonin can help relieve your symptoms of depression or anxiety, it can also cause problems for your sexual function. There are several theories for how antidepressants such as Zoloft cause ED. Some of them suggest that these drugs can do the / Talk to your doctor if you think your ED is due to Zoloft. If they agree, they may adjust your dosage. A lower dosage may reduce the drug’s effects on your sexual function. Your doctor may also suggest that you try a different type of antidepressant instead of an SSRI. Finding the right treatment for /

Since the 1990s, erectile dysfunction (ED) has been recognized as a common problem. Higher rates of reporting, diagnosis, and treatment of ED have been driven by effective treatments, direct to consumer advertising, and screening by health care providers. Back to Top / Incidence estimates have been published using data compiled from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. Incidence data are necessary to assess risk and plan treatment and prevention strategies. The Massachusetts study data suggest there will be approximately 17,781 new cases of ED / Some self-administered measures may be useful in the primary care setting to screen for and evaluate the degree of ED. The most commonly used instrument is the International Index of Erectile Function, a 15-item questionnaire that has been validated in many populations and is considered the gold standard to evaluate patients for ED. The Sexual Health Inventory for Men is a short-form, 5-item questionnaire developed to monitor treatment /

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Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a common condition affecting an estimated 20 to 30 million men in the United States and over 150 million men worldwide. ED is defined as a man's inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The ability to have an erection / ED may result from a variety of factors or a combination of factors. These may include psychological, neurological, hormonal and vascular disorders. Certain drugs and chronic diseases, as well as the natural aging process, also may contribute to ED. For more information, please see Erectile Dysfunction / Treatment for ED depends on its cause, as well as on the patient's age, health and preferences. In some cases, lifestyle changes such as losing weight and exercising regularly will improve symptoms. Counseling may help patients whose ED has resulted from anxiety or depression. And we often recommend that patients take an oral medication, such as /

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)
in the scarred area. At this time, there is no known cause of Peyronie's disease. Symptoms of Peyronie's disease include pain during intercourse or ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (ED, impotence), the inability to have sexual intercourse, anxiety, stress, an indentation of the shaft at the site where there is plaque or scarring, and an angulation of the penis when erect or flaccid. There is no cure for / Erectile dysfunction (ED, impotence) is the failure to achieve or maintain an erection. There are many potential underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, including stress and emotional problems, brain dysfunction, problems with blood supply to the penis, and structural problems with the penis. Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed by taking the patient's history and physical exam. Blood tests measuring kidney function and blood sugar, cholesterol, hormone, and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels may be ordered. Urinalysis, ultrasound, and other more sophisticated tests may be required. The treatment / 8 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction (ED

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