What discounts can I get?

On our website you can get a discount for any drug. To do this, you need to provide your name and email address. Next, we will send a hyperlink to purchase the product. The more orders you make, the more discount you get. Our discount and online pharmacy discount will be cumulative. The table shows the maximum discounts depending on the number of orders.

Discount table

1st order-50% discount
2nd order-55% discount
3rd order-56% discount
4th order-57% discount
5th order-58% discount

Are there any exceptions?

You should notice that you use the correct same e-mail as last time you’ve made purchases to have a discount. Also, if you have cancelled your order, the order will not be counted, that is, the discount will not be increased. That means is you ordered product with 6% discount and canceled it – the discount of 6% will stay till your next order.