Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have coupons for the branded medicines?

Our coupon list of the medicines includes generic and branded drugs.

Explain the term "generic drug". Is the quality of the generic medicines different from the original tablets?

The generic medicines include the chemical elements that have been tested by the manufacturers of the original drugs for the efficiency, safety and quality. As all branded drugs are FDA approved, the quality of their generic analogs and the route of administration are the same. The composition of the inactive chemicals in the formula of the generic drugs can differ. But, this aspect does not influence the effect of the medicines. Besides, the generics can have the different form, shape and color comparing with the original analogs. So, one has no grounds to consider the generic medicines worse in the quality and provided effect on a male organism.

Do you provide the high quality of the products?

All companies that use our service are rigorously tested. One of the prerequisites is product certification. We also carry out test purchases and determine the quality of drugs, delivery speed and packaging quality. If a company does not pass at least one of the verification stages, we do not provide it with our platform for placing discounts.

How Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and the soft tablets differ?

In the tables below you can find the needed information:


Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Allowed simultaneous reception Interaction Contraindications Side effects
Sildenafil 4 30 - 60 100 mg - ED drugs, nitrates, a fatty meal, alcohol, grapefruit juice, HIV inhibitors, alpha-blockers Cardiac disease, blood disorders, stroke, Sildenafil hypersensitivity A headache, running nose, diarrhea, dizziness, vision disorders, stomach upset, rash


Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Allowed simultaneous reception Interaction Contraindications Side effects
Tadalafil 36 30 - 60 20 mg - Nitrates, fatty food, alcohol, grapefruit, alpha-blockers, ED drugs Cardiac disorders, penis deformations, renal failure, allergy to Tadalafil Muscle pain, running nose, indigestion, diarrhea, headache


Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Maximum Dose Allowed Simultaneous Receptions Interaction Contraindications Onset of Action Side effects
Vardenafil 10 - 12 20 mg - Fatty food, nitrates, ED drugs, alpha-blockers, HIV medicines, grapefruit juice Renal failure, stroke, bleeding disorders, Vardenafil allergy, heart diseases 30 - 60 Nausea, a headache, diarrhea, flushing of the face, vison disorders, seizures

Viagra Soft

Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Interaction Contraindications Allowed Simultaneous Receptions Side effects
Sildenafil 5 15 - 20 100 mg Grapefruit juice, HIV drugs, ED medicines, alpha-blockers, nitrates Sildenafil allergy, heart failure, vision disorders, renal failure, blood disorders Alcohol, a fatty meal headache, dyspepsia, rhinitis, myalgia, conjunctival hyperemia, eyelid edema, redness of the face, eye problems or dizziness

Cialis Soft

Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Allowed simultaneous reception Contraindications Interaction Side effects
Tadalafil 36 15 - 20 20 mg alcohol, a fatty meal Liver failure, stroke, cardiac diseases, Tadalafil hypersensitivity Nitrates, grapefruit juice, HV and fungal drugs, other Tadalafil medicines, nitrates, alpha-blockers Nausea, diarrhea, seizures, vision problems, muscle pain, redness, a headache, myalgia

Coupon Information

Do I need to present a prescription to getting coupon for order?


How can I get the coupon and where can I apply it?

Getting a coupon is easy. Select a product and click the "start" button. Next, enter your name and email address and click the "next" button. After that you will receive an email with a link where the coupon will be applied. By clicking on the link you will be taken to an online pharmacy where the prices for your product will already be changed.


Do you guarantee product delivery?

All pharmacies are strictly tested. In addition to checking licenses and certificates, each pharmacy periodically receives a test order from us. If a pharmacy does not have documentation or the product does not arrive at the address we specified, this pharmacy will be blacklisted and will never be able to post its coupons on our website again.

Are you involved in dispute resolution?

If you did not receive the product or the quality of the products received was unsatisfactory and you were unable to resolve the dispute with the online pharmacy, we can act as a court. To do this, you need to contact our support service. If your claim is solid, we will compensate your financial losses.

How long takes the shipping of the order?

Depending on your geographic location, our smart algorithms select an online pharmacy so that the product is delivered to you as soon as possible.