Generic Vs Brand Name Drugs

Brand vs Generic drugs

Branded medication is so-called trade name of the drug of that company, which is the first in the world, who produced it. The company has the right to earn money on its discovery and recoup their costs on research and development (clinical and preclinical) with no direct competition, which is included in the price of the drug.

A definite plus of branded products is a very high bioavailability; this means that when manufactures receive a patent, they obtain the maximal effectiveness of their drugs. Not all generics have it, because they are made under the simplified program, and therefore, include other base components, what may be less effective.

Once the patent expires, any firm can use the active ingredient of the original drug for development of their own medicine. Typically, manufacturers of generic drugs try to make a complete analogue of patented drugs, replacing expensive adjuvants for cheaper.

Generic is a drug with proven biological, pharmaceutical and therapeutic equivalence to the original one. Generic drug can differ from branded in qualitative and quantitative composition of adjuvants in medicine and other factors.

Buying a generic we do not pay for the development, work or idea of people, who worked on it. The company does analogue of brand drug, but cheaper. However, it is not so, the effectiveness of the generic is not always sufficient and it often depends on the country and manufacturer. In each case, the question of compliance generic and original is often quite personal choice, which depends on the personal experience of the drug's intake.

Recently, manufacturers of original drugs, seeing the popularity and income from generics, decided to produce analog drugs by themselves, choosing for it countries with low labor.

Modern pharmaceuticals industry has many high efficiency products for improving of male potency. Practically they improve the blood circulation and relieve muscle spasms. The combination of these actions makes it easier to obtain an erection.

Viagra (Sildenafil 100mg) is the most popular drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and has many unlicensed and cheaper "twins" from India. These drugs have their own names, for example: Generic Viagra 50mg, Sildigra, Suhagra, Viagra Soft 100mg etc. All Indian Viagra has the same indications and contraindications, and with the same efficiency solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.