Male Potency


Impotence called the lack of penile erection in men, which leads to the impossibility of sexual intercourse. Often the problems with erection are the reason to start thinking about the future health of men. Because of the failures in potency occurring the problems in men's personal life and this can lead to developing some complexes from which will be difficult to get rid of.

For a long time the diagnosis of "impotence" was made to all men without exception, who complained about the reducing of duration and strength of erections.

There are two types of impotence in men - an organic and psychogenic. Depending on the type of impotence are distinguished different features. The most important thing, which combines two types - the inability to carry out a sexual act.

First type occurs gradually, at first man fails to achieve an erection from time to time, than it requires more time, and eventually none of the efforts can help to come to readiness. The most striking feature of organic impotence is the lack of erection. It does not depend on the time of day or the color of the hair. Even in the morning erection is not coming until you start to cure the impotence.

Second type is a variation of impotence, which can be caused by some disorders in the nervous system or prolonged depression. The main feature of psychogenic impotence is suddenness. It means that yesterday a man has a good sexual activity, but today it did not happen. Such situation could change every day and suppress man emotionally, because he doesn't know what is happening.

Previously, it was considered that the main causes of impotence are psychological problems or metabolic properties of sex hormones, but it is clear now that the main reason is the organic changes in the mechanism of erection.

You can treat impotence either with traditional medicine or with special ED-medications (for example: Viagra 100mg is an effective well-recommended drug, which solves ED-problems in men). In most cases the erection can be restored, only thing you need is to correctly understand the causes of the problem. You certainly need a specialist advice, so visit an andrologist, who will put on medication.

Regarding the choice of treatments, it depends entirely on the cause of the disease. Nowadays there exist many methods - from pharmaceutical treatment to surgery.

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