What is Erectile Dysfunction?

One of the most important person's components of health (besides emotional and physical) is sexual health. Although erectile dysfunction does not threaten human life, it is on way to be regarded as some kind of a trivial problem.

Everyone knows the meaning of the term "impotence", but nowadays it is replaced by another term "erectile dysfunction". This is due to that word "impotence" doesn't give needed explanation of the problem and it caused misconception of the condition. Erectile dysfunction do not include sterile men or men with retain ability of orgasm. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as "the inability to achieve and (or) maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity."

Depending on age, the frequency of erectile dysfunction varies. In the age group from 20 to 40 years - it is on about 3 - 7% of men; in age group from 40 to 60 years - it is found in 15 - 40% of the men. In the age group over 70 years old ED is in up to 50% of men. In general, age does not effects of appearance of erectile dysfunction. But with age occurs more frequently progresses of different diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc) and it can become the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Other potential and common causes of erectile dysfunction can be:

  • Medications. Some drugs for blood pressure and antidepressants have side effects, which can face you with a problem of getting an erection. Those who think that their ED problem occurred because of such medications should consult doctor about stopping of medications use or to change it on some another drug. It is a risk and can harm your health much more if you stop taking it by yourself.
  • Medical Condition. There are illnesses that can lead to erectile problems: multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, surgeries, prostate cancer treatments, low levels of testosterone. For example, about 60% of men with diabetes have ED problems.
  • Way of life. There are such habits and conditions that can prevent normal erection: smoking, overweight, lack of physical exercises, and other that can decrease blood flow in your body.
  • Mental or psychological reasons. They include: depression, stress, anger, worrying, sadness, anxiety. They are more often found in men about 40 years old.

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